Human Resources Development Operational Programme

This Call for Operations is a competitive procedure aiming to select operations to be funded under the Human Resources Development Operational Programme (HRD OP) .

Operations comprise a full fledged project or a group of projects co-funded by the EU and national public funds, and are initiated and implemented by one or more “operation beneficiaries” allowing achievement of the goals of the HRD OP. An operation usually comprises more than one component, implemented through different procurement procedures, such as services, supplies and grants. The successful applicants, i.e. the operation beneficiaries are responsible for initiating the procurement procedures and implementing the actions in line with the EU project cycle management approach and EU procurement rules.

The selection of the operations shall be conducted by an evaluation committee established by the Operating Structure (Ministry of Labour and Social Security’s EU Coordination Department).

This call is not to be confused by a regular call for proposals where the present call has a broader scope than the latter, and that the management of the operation is based on a specific cooperation agreement between the OB and the Operating Structure.

The working language of the proceedings of this Call for Operations is English.

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Applicants can access all the relevant documents from web-page.

ANNEX I: Operation Identification Sheet (OIS)
ANNEX-II: Financial and Operational Capacity Tables
ANNEX-III: Guidance on the Functions and Responsibilities of an Operation Beneficiary
ANNEX-IV: Guidance on Implementation Structure (this document should be used in implementation structure-Section 6- of the OIS)
ANNEX-V: Guidance on ineligible expenditures
ANNEX-VI : Guidance on Co-delegation



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